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KLORTNER's innovative, patented technology is concentrated in 3 major areas:

1.Humidification technology with high pressure.
2.Moisture measurement.
3.Control devices.

KLORTNER Moisture Meters are designed to measure various thicknesses in a variety of wood species to suit your industry needs.

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KLORTNER TECHNOLOGY was established in 1987 and based in ITALY. We are a global player in the production of Measurement Equipment especially in the wood industry!

Quick and accurate testing, that is KLORTNER!

KT-60(2015 Version)


KT-80 DUAL Function = KT-60(SCAN) + KT-R(PINS)




Our Industrial Products range from online systems to handheld devices. Ideal Spot Checking for QC Inspectors, Saw Mills, Planer Mills, Kiln Supervisors, Flooring Manufacturers, Cabinet producers, Furniture Manufacturers, and Solid Wood Component Manufacturers.


Our Commercial Products feature easy to use handheld moisture measurement devices. Ideal for Builders, Contractors, Inspectors, Flooring Installers, Cabinet makers, Furniture makers, Remodelers, Woodworkers, Hobbyists, and Home Inspectors.


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